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Our group started when we are High School Student or let's say Freshmen of Esperanza National High School. At first, we are strangers with each other but as time passes by, it feels like we are long time friends. Way back to school year 2008-2009, the time when some of us were first time to meet each other. But as we moved to higher year in High School, especially we' re in ESEP (Engineering Science Education Program)Curriculum which by year, some of our classmates were eliminated for they have lower grades than what should they have to stay in ESEP. Even that happened, we are still together in times of trouble and happiness!

So I dedicated this Site to my late Classmates for us to have time together other than using Social Networking Sites. So even we are graduates, we can still share and have fun as if we're together for some may continue their Tertiary Education in far places.

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